Welcome to Halcyon lighting


Halcyon Lighting offers a complete range of professional lighting fixtures for indoor, outdoor & Decorative for project Lighting Solutions. Our work is derived by passion and the will to produce unique versatile designs. Our care for quality and R&D positions our products amongst the best in the industry.

The people at Halcyon Lighting come from good experience in handling customized professional lighting, optics and electronics. We are artists and technicians; and, we pride ourselves with the quality we deliver. All our products are manufactured / assembled in our location, according to projects requirements and we source the components and materials from the best supplies locally & Internationally.

Our company operates in all lighting segments, indoors and outdoors alike. We are well-known thanks to our high flexibility concept to offer project solutions for specific needs.

At Halcyon , we believe in light and in its potential to assist the comfort of people in their different life situations.

Our passionate investigation of the possibilities of light has shown us how it can influence different spaces and the way we perceive them. We apply that knowledge in the development of every new lighting design and in the study of everynew lighting project, with the aim of achieving the desired singularity for each different area to light.